Available/Foster Dogs

PUZZLE is a female puppy who came into rescue at 3 months old. She is now 5 months old but still in foster care. She will be a longer term foster dog since she has medical issues.

Puzzle ended up at Albuquerque Animal Welfare after being hit by car. She sustained several leg injuries and will need orthopedic work on her hips. At the present time, she is getting around well and adapting to her situation. We have consulted several vets, including a specialist, and the plan is to address her hips when she is 6 months old.

Puzzle is not yet ready for adoption so follow Puzzle’s story here to see how she progresses! Between generous individual donations and a grant we recently received, Puzzle’s surgery expenses are covered! Thank you to all who helped us!

Puzzle in August 2021 – Puzzle is 5 months old and scheduled for surgery on September 28th (when she will be 6 months old)! She continues to run and play with the other dogs at her foster home and is growing taller all the time! She is sore but on pain medication to reduce what she feels.

Puzzle in July 2021 – Puzzle is 4 months old now and we had to loosen her collar recently so we know she’s growing! She likes wading in the doggie pool and her puppy mouthing behavior is diminishing (yeah!).

Puzzle in June 2021 – Puzzle is just hanging out and growing this month! She is on pain medication to keep her discomfort to a minimum. Puzzle is no longer in the cone and her initial stitches have been removed. She has had her second parvo/distemper shot. She is amazingly mobile given the injuries to her body!

DEKE is a male puppy who came into rescue at 4 months old. Deke has one brown eye and one blue eye! The AKC German Shepherd standard says the eyes should be as dark as possible but we think he’s super cute with that blue eye! He needs to recover from kennel cough and should be ready for adoption soon.