Available/Foster Dogs

Meet our latest foster dog, Puzzle! Puzzle is a female puppy, about 3 months old. She will be a longer term foster dog since she has medical issues that will need to wait until she is 6 months old to address.

Puzzle ended up at Albuquerque Animal Welfare after being hit by car. She sustained several leg injuries and will need orthopedic work on her hips. At the present time, she is getting around ok and adapting to her situation. We have consulted several vets, including a specialist, and the plan is to address her hips when she is 6 months old.

Puzzle is not yet ready for adoption so follow Puzzle’s story here to see how she progresses! We have had several generous donations to help us pay for her upcoming surgery and at this time, we have one hip surgery completely covered! Thank you to our donors!! Since we started the new organization, this is the first dog we’ve taken on that needs this type of medical attention.

Puzzle June 2021