Dogs for Adoption

Scarlett – 2 year old female

Scarlett is a spayed 2 year old German Shepherd who has had a rough go of it in the past several months. Scarlett came into one of the local shelters as a stray, no one came for her, and before she could be put up for adoption, she whelped a litter of puppies! Scarlett has been in foster care for many weeks now, recovering from the puppies and gaining some much needed weight. With care and attention plus regular meals, Scarlett is feeling much better now. She is still “out of coat” but she has shed her old coat and will be growing a new one soon. Scarlett is current on vaccines, is heartworm-negative, and is microchipped.

Scarlett is a very sweet and loving dog but appears to be a dog that did not get much in the way of attention, socialization, and training in her past life. Now that she has gained weight and is parasite-free, she is happy, peppy, and engaged with her foster parents! But she remains quite needy. She would love to be by her person all the time! She will need someone who can patiently let her blossom into the great dog we know she will be! Scarlett is a fast learner, wants SO much to please, and is very smart! Scarlett can casually hang with other dogs but she is so needy that we think she should be the only dog in the home. She will need a home where folks are around a lot so she can feel secure and know that someone is there to take care of her. Scarlett could benefit from incremental amounts of socialization to help her gain confidence over time.

Scarlett’s adoption fee is $250 which helps us pay for her veterinary expenses. Please call (505) 877-7352 to talk with us if you think you might have the time, knowledge, and energy to work with a dog like Scarlett!

Scarlett’s Puppies are ready for adoption!

There are 3 remaining puppies – 2 males, 1 female, 13 weeks old. Please call us if you’d like to know more about the pups! Adoption fee is $275 with $200 to be refunded when proof of spay/neuter is provided to us.

Please call (505) 877-7352 to talk with us if you are interested in any of our wonderful dogs!