Dogs for Adoption

Noche (4 year old male) – Seeking a forever home!

Noche” LOVES the new life he has in his foster home – getting regular people-attention, being an inside dog, hanging out with the other dogs, getting fed regularly, and getting to run around outside. He has been out for walks in the neighborhood and has met other dogs and people with great success. Noche is making good progress on learning how to learn – especially come-when-called!

Noche would make an excellent companion dog, would love to be a central part of someone’s life, would love to take walks, and would do well with a relatively calm lifestyle. Noche is a ‘soft’ dog and will need someone who will take a kind & gentle approach to teaching him the rules of the household. We’re hoping for an adult-only home and HE would like having an adult dog buddy. Adoption Fee $200. See Noche on Petfinder for more information. Noche is one of the good ones!!!

Sally (7 month old female) – Seeking a Forever Home!

Sally is an 7 month old puppy who is very sweet, likes to meet new people, gets along with the other dogs in her foster home, and plays with toys. Sally plays rough so if there is another dog in the household, he/she has to be able to handle a dog with Sally’s energy! Sally will need a good deal of exercise every day and she would love to have something to do with her people such as hiking, swimming, going to dog training class, etc. Sally is in an adolescent stage where she is leggy so expect legs and body to catch up in the months ahead! Sally continues to work on her not-so-great habit of jumping up on people and is working hard on her house training. Sally was spayed on 7/29/22, is heartworm-negative, is microchipped, and has had all shots. Adoption fee $200. See Sally on Petfinder for more information.

New to Foster Care!

Kino came in to foster care on 7/20/22! Kino is an 8 month old sable German Shepherd who is super friendly with people and dogs. Overall, Kino is a very settled dog, is housetrained, and will make a great companion! He needs regular exercise or doggie activities and would love to have another dog in the household to hang with. Kino is not yet ready for adoption but will be as soon as he is neutered and recovers from the surgery. Neuter is scheduled for 8/16/22!


Please contact us if you’re interested in learning more about any of our dogs!